Our Testimonials 

First and foremost our family would like to thank Aimee and Chelsea for the wonderful and caring service 
we received from them with our sons guinea pig Elvis who sadly passed away on 18 November 2019. 
When we went to collect Elvis he was presented in a beautiful wooden casket with his name engraved and 
a personal message along side other personal touches. 
Thank you for making Elvis' final journey a very special one. 
Thank you from the Rhatigan family 
'20th November 2019' 
After such an emotional loss of our beloved Sophie, 
Cherished Pet Cremations made the next stage very straightforward and compassionate. 
Having her ashes returned so swiftly and beautifully presented, 
knowing that she was taken care of for her last journey, has been so reassuring at this tough time. 
Thank you so much. 
'10th November 2019' 
I would just like to say how lovely the girls at Cherished Pets Cremations have been. 
We had to have our beautiful Harley put to sleep last Saturday at Seadown. 
I was able to contact the girls via text message (which is much easier when you’re sobbing your heart out!) 
They picked him up from Seadown Sunday morning at 8:15am and let me know they had him ‘in their care’. 
Their choice of words really means a lot. I was sent a list of options available for urns and keepsakes, 
of which we chose a cast German Shepherd urn and I picked ink and clay paw prints. 
I got the message yesterday to say Harley was ready to come home, 
Aimee and Chelsea delivered him to our house along with the keepsakes that evening. 
I felt under no pressure at any time to make decisions and am so happy with the service they provided. 
I will be forever grateful. 
Thanks to Aimee’s mention of ink paw prints I’m able to order a beautiful necklace which I cannot wait to receive. 
'5th October 2019' 
Thankyou so much to these kind and compassionate ladies in such a incredibly hard stage. 
They made such a sad and emotional time, that little bit more bearable. 
Collecting my rottweiler Micha after we had brought her home from the kennels for her last journey. 
Losing a pet is heartbreaking, losing a pet when your on holiday thousands of miles away was painful and cruel. 
But these ladies brightened up the darkest of hours, with such an incredible personal touch and patient understanding. 
Thankyou so much too you both, for bringing back my girl in such a good time frame... 
so we can move forward with a beautiful everlasting memory of her forever. 
Couldn't recommend there service enough! Even my other dog Diesel approves! 
Many thanks, Hannah. 
'11th September 2019' 
I had provisionally booked to use Cherished Pet Cremations, but I had a change in my circumstances. 
To my astonishment, even though I was unable to use them, they did everything they could to sort out alternative arrangements - all I can say is thank you for putting the customer first... true service. 
'7th September 2019' 
It's such a difficult time when you have to say goodbye to one of your beloved animals. 
We've had a very difficult time over the last 4 months with having to say goodbye to not 1 but 2 of our gorgeous dogs. But its been made so much easier with the help of Cherished Pets. 
I just want to say a huge thank you to Aimee and Chelsea for your empathy, kindness, compassion 
and for looking after our boys. Your service is fantastic and I would highly recommend you to everyone. 
Thank you ladies for making a sad and difficult time that much easier x x 
'19th August 2019' 
Our beloved Teddy died in July, just before his 14th birthday. 
Cherished Pets collected him from our vet and began the process of getting him back to us. 
After his cremation, we selected his casket and had his name etched on the top. 
Within four days, he was back with us where he’s always belonged. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Cherished Pets and their kindness and understanding at 
losing a member of the family. 
They looked after Teddy with professionalism, sympathy and understanding. 
'19th August 2019' 
We had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog Barney who was 13 on the 12th August 2019 
Aimee and Chelsea arrived promptly to take him into there care and returned him to us 2 days later. 
They showed us empathy and understanding and comfort at this very difficult time for us both. 
Thank you 
'14th August 2019' 
Thank you very much, you guys looked after my little hamster Fluffy, 
and waited for me to get back home to return the ashes! 
Can't thank you enough! 5☆ Service! 
'12th August 2019' 
It is never easy to make arrangements for your beloved pet to be cremated 
but I found this wonderful company and cannot recommend them highly enough. 
Aimee and Chelsea are kind, compassionate, caring and do everything to help at a very difficult time. 
We lost our dear English Springer Spaniel, Ozzy, very unexpectedly last week and they took care of everything 
and brought him home last night. 
Thank you ladies for making a sad and difficult time that much easier. 
'10th August 2019' 
A huge thank you to these wonderful people. You showed my boy kindness and care when he needed it most. 
So professional and easy to talk to. You have brought peace to my family knowing are boy is home and safe. 
Thank you xx 
'9th August 2019' 
I lost my beloved cat Ceefa on 26/06/2019. She was 16 years old and died very suddenly. 
I was an absolute mess, and Aimee was so unbelievably kind and patient with me, 
dealing with me via email on the day Ceefa passed because I was unable to talk on the phone. 
They collected Ceefa from my vets and dealt with everything for me and I had my angel back within a week in a beautiful custom casket. 
I can't thank Aimee enough for her kindness during this time, and giving me a copy of her paw print which is going to be my next tattoo.. 
thank you Aimee, you made such a difficult time a little easier and there is no price a person can put on that. 
Thank you. 
'10th July 2019' 
We would like to thank Cherished Pets for their empathy, sensitivity and efficient service 
when taking care of Humphrey our much loved Golden Retriever of 12 years. 
Aimee in particular was very respectful and her choice of words was a comfort and caring; 
an example was that she contacted me to inform that Humphrey was in her care instead of saying I've collected Humphrey from the vet, 
this may seem a little thing but was so important given our attachment to Humphrey. 
Really great service, thanks again Mr & Mrs Birch 
'24th June 2019' 
I just want to thank you so much again for your services, having Toes home again has made me feel more at ease and 
I feel closer to him again. It has helped so much with the emotional disconnection I felt when we had lost him. 
I had never thought of life without him but your service helped so much with what happens next and made everything so easy for me. 
So thank you for a fantastic service and making it so much easier for me. 
'28th May 2019' 
Such a kind, caring and professional service. I lost my cat Jacob who’d I’d had since I was a little girl, he was almost 20! 
I’d never had an animal cremated before but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use this company again - they made everything feel so easy at such a sensitive time. Thank you so much, now I have Jacob back home with me in his lovely little scatter tube xx 
'24th May 2019' 
I can't thank Cherished Pet Cremations enough. 
After losing my beautiful Gizzy a few weeks back was hoping to find a private cremation service. 
Their communication was brilliant and fast, they offered a pick up and drop off service 
but they were happy for me to drive her up personally, our last little journey together. 
They were very sympathetic and very calm, welcoming and professional. 
They didn't try to sell any extras and you felt comfortable to choose what you wished. 
I chose a beautiful wooden photo casket with a keepsake shelf. 
Gizzy passed away in her sleep and looked to comfortable to move, they were happy with me leaving her on her bed and happy to drop it back with her ashes as I wanted her smells for my other 3 dogs who when they saw went up and snuggled on her bed. 
They brought my baby back on Mothers day! I was surprised as didn't think they would work weekends let alone on Mothers day. 
They offered a Inked paw print but I asked for a nose print which they were very happy to do and it's beautiful! 
I can't recommended their services enough. Very professional and caring company. 
Thank You so much. 
'7th April 2019' 
A wonderful service from losing our beautiful Sophie to her being returned to her home. Very polite helpful and a very sympathetic service. Can highly recommend if you love your pet as much as we did thankyou for being so kind and professional xxx 
'22nd March 2019' 
Exceptional service. Our best friend was put to sleep at home. Aimee and Chelsea were amazing and clearly animal lovers. 
We were given time with our boy. We’ve got clippings of his coat and a footprint. 
Thank you so much for looking after our boy. We are forever in your debt. 
Mandy and Annie xxxx 
'19th March 2019' 
Highly recommended! The love and compassion you show really shines. 
When I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have my beloved boy Indie put to sleep 
you were there to make the painful process go smoothly. 
Everything I wanted was no trouble and I was never rushed x 
'14th March 2019' 
An amazing company! I'm distraught about my cat but Cherished Pet Cremations helped arrange everything. Not once did they try to sell me something I didn't want and there's a ton of options in terms of urns and ways to memorialize your pet (different types of paw prints, customizable tags, ect). They also keep a part of your animals hair to give to you. My cat was a tabby so she had a lot of colours, but they took the time to clip hair from everywhere- this was a bonus because I didn't think about asking. 
They don't charge you to clip their hair and they offer a huge selection of scattered tubes for free (I didn't know what to expect but if you look at the options, they must offer at least 20 designs). Plus the designs are really pretty! I'm an emotional wreck but they clearly care about you and your animal. They didn't try to sell me extras or to pressure me, and they didn't expect immediate payment either. They even collected her and double checked she was the correct cat (I sent photos to ask if they can confirm it's my cat Pepper, and they were more than happy to do that). They were also ok to sort details via text which is great, but they'll also answer the phone at any time of the night- I phoned them around 11pm and she was more than happy to speak. 
I was visiting my family in another country so it crushed me when my cat died and I wasnt there, but Cherished pet cremation's took a lot of the stress away with the way they handled the situation. They even collected her and brought her back to mine for almost no money- I think they only asked for enough to cover petrol. £18 to go from Southampton to Portsmouth and back, to then drop her off in Gosport and return to Southampton. 
I paid £203 for the cremation, them to pick up and drop off my cat, and for them to give me two of her paw prints- plus they gave me a pretty tube and her hair for no extra cost. To me it's more than worth it for the service because I live in a flat which meant I couldn't bury her- I was reluctant to pay for her to be cremated since my family never used to with prior animals, but Pepper helped me through a lot and she deserved better than whatever vets do with pets that die. 
Anyway I highly recommend you to consider Cherished Pet Cremations. I phoned them when Pepper was still alive and I asked them a ton of questions, yet they didn't make me feel like I was wasting their time and she answered every query. Normally I wouldn't write a massive review but they helped me through a horrible time and it's the least they deserve. I hope this helps! 
'12th March 2019' 
Amazing, personal and incredibly sensitive service from beginning to end. 
Would not hesitate to use again. Thank you Cherished x 
'27th February 2019' 
I cannot thank these lovely ladies enough! They gave such an incredible service. 
They spent time speaking to me, making me comforted during this heartbreaking time. 
Very kindhearted and real genuine animal lovers. So happy with the prints, 
especially the nose print of my little fur baby that they did for the first time just for me! 
Again, thank you so much! 
'26th February 2019' 
We lost one of my mums Rhodesian ridgebacks last Wednesday. 
From calling Aimee the first time, she was so friendly, helpful and nothing was too much hassle for her. 
We’ve just recieved Ambers ashes back this evening and are so pleased we found this company to 
look after Amber through this very hard time. 
Would highly recommend. Thank you Cherished Pet Cremations. 
'19th February 2019' 
I am so very grateful for the kind and professional service. 
Aimee and Chelsea both took the time to discuss all the options for my beloved budgie, 
Joey who passed away unexpectedly at the age of one. 
They were able to come over on Sunday, which was amazing as the weekend service is not offered 
by any other pet undertakers and provided me with regular updates. 
Both the ladies made me feel at ease and I knew that I could entrust them with looking after Joey with respect and compassion. 
They returned Joey back to me again at the weekend and I was so pleased with the crystal heart that Joey’s ashes are in. 
It was lovely that they stayed for a chat and didn’t just rush out of the door when Joey was returned. 
I cannot recommend them enough and I’m forever grateful for your assistance in this difficult time. 
'2nd February 2019' 
Thank you for saying the right things which made a distressing time feel respectful and caring. 
'20th January 2019' 
I’d like to thank the pair of you for looking after our Molly bobs with sincerity, compassion and all round gentleness. Molly was our cherished rescue pup from 8 weeks old and lived an amazing life amongst our family for nearly 11 years. Losing her has left a huge while in our house and hearts and the care you expressed from initial enquiry to collection of her in her own basket etc to hand delivered return. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Highly recommend by us x 
'4th January 2019' 
I can't recommend Aimee and Chelsea highly enough. They looked after and cared for my beautiful 21 years and 6 months old cat Daisy when I had to make that awful decision last month. 
It was so hard letting Daisy go, but I felt so comfortable letting Aimee and Chelsea take her. 
During our conversations I just knew that she would be looked after as if she was one of their own. 
If you ever find yourselves needing this service please contact the professional Cherished Pet Cremations Ltd, in a sad and emotional time the girls will make it as easy as possible for you and will see you through it. 
I can't thank them enough. 
'16th December 2018' 
I would highly recommend Cherished, they made me feel so much better knowing my best friend was with them and how caring and kind they are both friendly and amazing. 
'12th December 2018' 
Without a doubt, I would recommend these girls. They are punctual, astute, amazingly professional and at the same time, very personal, everything went smoothly and we were kept up to date with all happenings. 
Five minutes in the company of these girls and you feel as if you're with family, 
I can't recommend these girls strongly enough and will definitely be calling them again if needs be. 
'16th November 2018' 
Very professional and personal approach to offset the loss of your pet. 
'16th November 2018' 
These girls looks after your pets with love & respect. 
They made me feel so much better at such a sad time, I can’t thank them enough. 
I strongly recommend these girls. 
'16th November 2018' 
Would like to say a big thank you to Chelsea and Aimee of Cherished Pet Cremations Ltd, 
who collected Bella after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 
A very caring and professional service, making a truly heart breaking time a little easier knowing she is in safe hands. 
My girl is home and I have a paw print keepsake. 
'12th October 2018' 
Thank you so very much for the care and compassion shown to our Golden Girl Prudence. 
Bronwen & Brenda 
'11th December 2018' 
Dear Cherished, 
Thank you so much for making this heart breaking time a little easier for us. To know that you've been working on bringing Salem home to us has made me eternally grateful. I'm so glad that we found your website because you truly are amazing people. 
In particular I would like to thank Aimee whom spoke to us throughout this time. You were extremely kind and answered all of our questions, so thank you very much. 
I'm sure that my precious little boy Salem is just as thankful as I am for you taking care of him. 
Sending plenty of happy thoughts and best of wishes, 
from Salem's best friend. 
'16th November 2018' 
The care and professionalism of this company is beyond words. 
They collected my boy Marley on the Sunday morning, after he passed a few hours earlier. 
I was notified of their collection of him straight after. Marley was returned home by Monday evening. 
The way they bought him home was beautiful and so caring. 
His wooden casket is excellent and so is his paw print and paw mould, I also have a lock of his fur. 
My best friend has been treated with the love and dignity I hoped for. 
Thank You so much. 
'5th November 2018' 
Wonderful, professional and compassionate. I cannot praise them enough. 
My little pet rat Scabbers was treated with love and respect. 
Aimee and Chelsea were non-judgemental and helpful. 
I would recommend. xxx 
'21st October 2018' 
In June our beloved cat Mogli passed away suddenly. From the moment of ringing Cherished Pets up to Mogli’s ashes being delivered home I knew he was in safe, loving hands. 
We was always kept up to date on what was happening which was brilliant. 
Thank you again xx 
After Daniel dealt with our dog Holly 2 years ago I was apprehensive when I learnt that he had sold the business.... I needn’t have worried as Aimee & Chelsea were superb in dealing with Emma ( Holly’s sister ). 
They responded immediately to my phone call & showed all the care & professionalism throughout. 
Thank you for your help in this sad time. 
All I can say is thank you for your kindness & compassion in dealing with Sam (my cat) & me! 
I felt completely confident that you treated him as if he was yours. 
Thank you again. 
Sadly we lost one of our dogs last week and needed the services of Cherished Pet Cremations Ltd. 
From the first conversation to Lilly-Pat’s ashes being returned 4 days later, these young ladies gave us the utmost respect 
and made such a sad occasion far more bearable. 
As someone else said we do have choices on these occasions and I would highly recommend them. 
'18th July 2018' 
Cherished pet cremations are truly wonderful. They treated my beautiful labrador Prince, with such respect and dignity and I had him home again in just 4 days, personally delivered. They really are special people, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. I have shared my experience in other ways so that pet owners know they have a choice which is so dignified. 
Cannot thank you enough. 
'3rd May 2018' 
The loss of our beloved Missy after 14.5 years broke us. Throughout my initial contact with Aimee through to the return of our girl to us, their conduct has been attentively faultless; all agreed arrangements after initial discussions were seamless and stress free and at just the time you need it to be. 
If you need reassurance your loved one will be taken care of then, in my honest opinion, you will not go wrong using this company. 
Aimee, I am unable to find the words to say thank you sincerely enough to you guys, but hope you understand just how thankful Claire and I am for how you have conducted yourselves and just how lovingly we feel you looked after our Missy for us. 
11 out of 10 xx 
'11th August 2018' 
I could not recommend more kind and compassionate family. The knowledge that my beautiful best buddy was treated with, the dignity compassion and kindness he had in life as in passing is tremendous. Above and beyond I cannot praise nor thank you enough for your time and kindness. Thankyou, Jo. 
'19th July 2018' 
Dear all at Cherished Pet Cremations, 
Martin and I want to thank you so much for your very great kindness and most sensitive management of the loss of our dear Amy. It was really lovely to have the opportunity of her paw print and a lock of her hair, and when Martin told me that you had personally delivered her back to us, presented so beautifully and with such care I did feel rather emotional. 
Thank you to Aimee and Chelsea for making a very difficult time a little easier. Always so helpful and understanding, listening to me crying down the phone, for being caring and looking after my princess, Ziza and bringing her home. Thank you ladies xx 
'8th May 2018' 
Amazing, from initial enquiry through to return of the ashes, we could not have dreamt of a more lovely and 
trustworthy service to help us through such a difficult time. 
Highly recommended. 
'19th July 2018' 
We just wanted to express our appreciation for your service in looking after our cat, Gypsy. 
You were kind and considerate, but also efficient and professional. 
Once again, very many thanks and we would be pleased to recommend you. 
'20th October 2017' 
These’s 2 lovely ladies looked after my dog Reb after he passed away. 
I would love to say thank you for making it easier for my husband and I xx 
We now have his ashes back home with us. 
'17th June 2018' 
Thank you Aimee and Chelsea for being so patient, kind and thoughtful and for looking after my beautiful Esree. 
I can not recommend you enough. 
'20th February 2018' 
Thank you Aimee & Chelsea for reuniting me with my beautiful blue eyed girl Tilly.......my cat passed away after giving me 16.5 years of love. I miss our cuddles terribly but now she will remain with me forever in her cherished memory engraved oak heart. 
'17th December 2017' 
Sadly I lost my African Pygmy Hedgehog Oreo last week. Cherished Pet Cremations Ltd came and helped me with what I want, they are kind understanding and could see how much she was loved by me from start to finish. They have been a fantastic service and I highly recommend them. Thanks again girls xxxxx 
'16th December 2017' 
Thank you for taking care of our rabbit Twinkle, your service was second to none 
and our children felt much better knowing she was being taken care of by you. Thank you x 
'29th January 2018' 
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